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David Lawrence Dewey

David is a survivor who has suffered illnesses and disabilities--and still reaches his goals in life. One of those dreams was achieving published author status, and now that he's reached that goal he wants to give a little back to his favorite charity.

Throughout 1997 David will donate $2.00 to the Children's Wish Foundation for every copy of Revelations sold. He assures me this is for personal reasons alone and not for any selfish ends to sell more books. He told me in confidence his reasons, and I support him without any reservations.

So should you.


by David Lawrence Dewey

Rating: ***

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In a stunning high-energy tale of banking and government intrigue, Revelations thrusts an upper-crust family, the Wainwrights, into murder and high-level corruption. The family's patriarch is a partner in a large accounting firm. One of the other partners, now a U.S. senator, suppresses information about contract and stock manipulations discovered in a government audit. Why? Because it involves malfeasance up to and including the vice president of the country. A nefarious corporation appears to be at the core of these and other wrongdoings.

Phillip, the oldest Wainwright son, leads the charge to uncover the evil machinations that could topple governments and throw the world banking system into chaos. He and his fiance, an anchorwoman of a network news program, narrowly escape murder attempts and betrayal in an unexpected and harrowing climax.

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