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Political Thrillers    

These novels are rife with political corruption, secret government operations, White House cover-ups. . . . Wait a minute--doesn't this sound like the Clinton White House?


Tom Clancy | David Lawrence Dewey | Ken Follett | David Baldacci

Tom Clancy

Although he's one of my favorites, I still cringe every time I look at an unread Tom Clancy novel because I know it'll take me months to read (then why is he one of my favorites?) But I also know I'll get a truly cutting-edge thriller with a convoluted, modern plot that really makes me think, "What if . . . ?" If you skim past the bogged-down details you're in for a wild ride.

Executive Orders

by Tom Clancy

Rating: ***.4


His followup to Debt of Honor, the story begins when Congress and the Supreme Court are obliterated by a Japanese terrorist who crashes a 747 on the Capitol. The President is dead, and Jack Ryan assumes the high office of a shattered government. This 900-page book won't disappoint true Clancy fans (just be prepared to skim in parts, as usual). Fast-paced, almost on the level of Patriot Games, a deifinite must-read.

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Debt of Honor

by Tom Clancy

Rating: ***.2


Entertainment Weekly says, "Clancy's latest novel traces the financial, political, military, and personal machinations that drive America into the next major global war . . . A shocker climax so plausible you'll wonder why it hasn't yet happened."

I say Clancy's a genius when it comes to plot, technical detail and action, but the book could've done with 1-200 pages less and held my attention more. If you're going to read Executive Orders, read this first (the ending really surprised me). Debt of Honor describes a feasible beginning to a world war. Just look at what caused World War I in real life!

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Clear and Present Danger

by Tom Clancy

Rating: ***.5


When Colombian drug lords assassinate three top American officials, CIA agent Jack Ryan finds himself part of an unprecedented U.S. covert response striking deep behind enemy lines. I really enjoyed Clancy's mixture of intense military special-forces actions and high-level government drama. If you liked the movie, you'll love the book.

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